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Chris Packham with a portrait of his poodles Sid and Nancy which I was commissioned to create for his 60th Birthday.


Please get in touch if you’re interested in having me create something unique for you. Whether it’s a pet portrait for yourself or you’re planning on gifting something truly special to a loved one, I can help!

All I need is a clear, detailed photograph to work from, so your location doesn’t matter at all, everything can be done via email and post. The photo is hugely important and the quality of what I have to work from has a huge influence over what I can create. The more detail I can see, the more I can add! Often when the animal has passed there can be a limit of what you have available, in which case it may be possible to work from more than one photo to get the best results. Ideally the photo should be taken in natural light which shows the true colour of the pet. There should be limited shadowing, if an area is blacked out I can’t easily guess what’s going on in that area. It should be clean and crisp, no blurry bits. I am happy to remove collars, etc if desired; some artistic licence can be used! If you’re unsure about your photo the best thing to do is show me what you have and have a chat.

A none refundable initial payment is required for work to begin, the rest is paid upon completion when you’re happy with it.

Current Prices:

Traditional sizes

A5 - One subject only £180

A4 - One subject £280/ two subject £360

A3 - One subject £380/ two subjects £480

Square portraits

10" x 10" - Single subject £280

12" x 12" - Single subject £340

Miniature portraits

3" x 3" - Single subject, comes framed in a 5" x 5" frame £80

UK Postage is included. International postage is available at an additional charge. The "A sizes" come in gift boxes, sorry this is currently unavailable to the square sizes. These sizes can be used as a guide but if you have another size in mind I'd be more than happy to discuss and provide a quote. For more than two subjects please get in touch for a more accurate price.

Please note the square portraits are available for head and neck portraits only, I recommend the same for the smaller traditional sizes but happy to discuss. I highly recommend the A3 for multiple pets. If you're unsure on which size to go for please send me message via my contact form and I'll help in any way I can.

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